I always struggle with writing these bios as third person.  For now, it'll just be from me.  Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to check out my work.  I'm currently working as a full-time Creative Director managing a team of incredible Creative and Art Directors, Copy Mangers, Designers and Copywriters. In my "off time", when I'm not playing soccer or baseball with my sports-obsessed 6-year old, or picking out the right school dress for my fashion-queen 4-year old, I'm trying to hone in my art-skills, translating any quirky concept I may have had for a while onto paper.  Sometimes these ideas even make it to a poster or shirt, which are available for purchase either through this site or by contacting me directly (I started a shirt company with my cousins through our company name "Enginewity").  You may even see a style you like and want a custom piece.  I'd be happy to help. 

Thanks again for your time.